10 Easy Hacks that motivates your employees at the workstation

Thank God it’s a work day!!!

How wonderful is it to walk into an inviting, comfortable workspace that not only peps us up for the entire day but makes a huge impact on our productivity and work success. Research suggests that a well-accessorized workstation is more than just being visually appealing. Simply put, an employees’ psychological health and creativity depend on how well space is done up.

With so much of productivity at stake, there is absolutely no need for an office cubicle to look boring and mundane.

Most often the décor of the workplace reflects the values the company believes in. And this in a way motivates and inspires the employees to do their best. Employees spend close to nine hours at work and if the workstation is vibrant and comfortable they look forward to coming there and giving it their best shot.

The happiest, creative and motivated employees work in offices that have the perfect blend of comfort, aesthetics, ergonomics and vibrancy. And here are some easy décor ideas that can motivate employees.

1. Green is in

Placing plants in attractive pots can easily liven up any workstation. A green space at the entrance of an office adds warmth and surely does its bit for the environment. Smaller plants like succulents and cacti make perfect plants with low or no maintenance. When put in attractive color pots and placed on work desks, they are instant mood lifters.

2. Light it up!!!

Elegant lamp shades are both practical in use as well as artistically appealing. Floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, there are the whole lot of them available and these add warmth to an office. Warm, light colors or bright, you can choose either depending solely on your décor space. Whatever be the choice of lamp shades, they can make a workstation go from drab to fab instantly.

So, switch it on and get started!

3. For the love of art

Spruce up the lobby or the reception areas with artifacts that you can pick up from local stores. Interesting artifacts enhance the workstation and brighten up the mood when people walk past them. Look at art that reflects the office style and the work you do. Eye-catching décor includes interesting wall pieces, artifacts, paintings, and quirky knick-knacks.

Art connects people from different backgrounds and what better way to bring employees, clients and the staff than décor that is easy and beautiful.

4. Splash of colors

Adding a dash of color makes people happier. Make use of the brand colors so that a consistency is seen. Also, using the right colors creates a positive psychological impact on people making them feel happier. According to research, blue colors make an impact on the mind, and different colors balance different emotions.

However, when it comes to using colors it is wise to understand the nature of business one is into. For a professionally appealing look, blacks, whites, silver, and grey are safe choices and preferred as they blend style with professionalism.

5. Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a perfect way to accessorize and transform any space. Mirrors add an element of sophistication, making space look bigger and open. Today there are a variety of decorative mirrors to choose from. They are available in different shapes, forms, with or without frames, traditional and contemporary. Each of them with their distinct style reflects the elegance and what more, employees feel good about this versatile accessory.

6. Signature furniture pieces

Walk into an office and the one thing that remains with you will be that funky table or centerpiece that is more than being a showpiece. It is a great conversation starter and a great space for employees to collaborate and get things going. Single tables, chairs, and lounge chairs are excellent décor ideas that are cool to have in any workspace.

7. Decorative Clocks

Having large decorative clocks can do a lot for any workspace. Apart from the basic function of showing the time, it reflects the commitment of employees in maintaining timelines.

A well-placed clock motivates employees as it truly signifies the importance of time.

8. Get in some gorgeous bookshelves

Who doesn’t like reading? And if it comes in a beautiful bookshelf, the employees will surely be excited. Gorgeous bookshelves can be placed in the meeting room or common room where employees can read a whole lot of books from entertainment to professional books. A great way to engage and motivate employees is having a great collection of books from all genres. A book as we all know is man’s best friend and an investment with amazing returns.

9. A mix of different vibes

Every part of an office has its own vibe. For example, the lobby is a common area and the feel is slightly more formal compared to the cubicles that are easy and show camaraderie.

A conference room, for instance, can have décor that has a motivational quote in a painting, comfortable chairs and seating for long meetings. Here, the idea is to have minimal distractions. However, cubicles can be bolder with lesser divisions creating a space for collaboration and learning.

10. Customize the spaces

Apart from the décor, the management can allow employees to customize their workstations. With this autonomy, employees are encouraged to brighten up their desks with personalized photos, inspirational quotes or any element that can boost their morale.

There’s a lot one can do to enliven up workstation. Bringing in beautiful art, inspirational paintings or classic furniture goes a long way in keeping employees motivated and happy.

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