Being a twenty-first-century parent poses a lot of challenges. And parents take up these challenges happily in order to sculpt an ideal childhood for their kids. One such task is designing your kids’ bedroom.

Taking into consideration your child’s age and favourite colours are the two most important things while you plan to decorate a bedroom for your kid. Here are some easy ways to plan and decorate their bedroom.

1. Use vibrant Colours

Playing with the colours is the prime thing about designing kids’ rooms. You can use vibrant colours for pillowcases, curtains, and walls. Once you have selected the pieces you want to make vibrant, you can mellow down the colour for the rest of the room. This includes the rest of the walls, the flooring, bed and bed sheets, tables and chairs.

2. A cozy bedding

A nice comfortable bed will give your child a good night’s sleep. Your child’s/ children’s’ age will tell you the type of bed you require. You can go for a simple bed, bunk bed. For a girls’ room, you can go for a canopy bed with light coloured curtains around. For boys, you can remodel a simple bed into a car themed bed or a house themed bunk bed. If your child is a toddler you can also have a rocking chair to sing them their favourite lullaby.

3. Shelves for toys

Some funky shelves can be designed to brighten up the room. Large square shelves or wall shelves shaped like a house, honeycomb or a merry-go-round would look fun. They used to keep teddies, dolls, toys or storybooks. As your kids grow older hook holder can be put on the walls to keep their rackets, caps or backpacks.

4. Smart space ideas

Don’t stack up too much! One thing what kids love is to run around and to have a lot of free space. For two or three kids you can go with the idea of a bunk bed. You can arrange your furniture towards the walls or have furnishings without a solid wooden backdrop. You can work with your decorator to suggest some compact or foldable furniture designs. This will give your kids a lot of space.

5. Have a natural touch

You can have colourful pictures of a sea, forests, a garden or cartoon animals. A sky themed ceiling will soothe and relax your child while sleeping. A plant element with birds painted on a nearby wall will do the trick. You should also take care that the windows don’t have much heavy furniture around them and a lot of natural light flows inside. A good lighting will keep their eyesight healthy. This will make them feel closer to nature.

6. A homework place

Keep a separate area or corner for homework. Studies have shown that having a separate area for work, play and sleep inculcates positive habits and sets the circadian rhythm. If your kids are small and just started with school, you can have a small round table with two or three chairs to do their homework and paint pictures. This will make learning more fun for them. If your child is older, you can go for a classic study table Study table or a roundtable with two/3 small chairs.

7. Make it fun!

You can think of ideas like having a scene from a cartoon painted on a wall, or animal cartoons that your kids love or have exciting wallpaper ideas. You can put up colourful initial letters of your kid's names on the wall or having them printed on pillow covers.

8. Keep a theme going

Another idea is to have a single theme for the entire room. Jungle, aqua, sky or any of your kids’ favourite cartoons can be taken up as a theme. Once the theme is set, you can custom make the furniture items, curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, carpet, and the paint accordingly.

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