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“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” By George A. Moore

There is nothing more comforting to man than being in his home with his loved ones, a haven of all good things in life.

Typically, we all have heard “having your own home” as the best way to describe your standing in the society. While it is a matter of good pride to own a home, young millennials beg to differ. With globalization and people moving cities and countries for limited or extended periods of time, investing in a home seems a far option for many. Real estate reports suggest that many young professionals prefer a rented place as it suits their travel and lifestyle.

However, there are quite a few concerns when it comes to doing up the space that is not yours. The fact being you will eventually move out of the house.

Keeping this in mind turning a rental house into a home needs a little patience and lots of individuality. Here we list 8 best ways to make a rental house into a home. A dream home!!!

Artifacts and mirrors

Mirrors work like magic in the simplest way possible. Adding pretty large mirrors or different shaped mirrors with embellishments and the like is a great way to add character to the home. Propping a mirror doesn’t require much fixing; it keeps the wall almost intact while making an outstanding focal point and adding an instant depth to a room.

Similarly, family souvenirs, photos can dramatically change the look of a house into a home.

Paintings or framed photographs are great décor ideas that beautifully make space your own.

Quirky, signature furniture

Irrespective of whether the house comes furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished, chances are you’ll start with the bare necessities.

Adding your favorite furniture is a great way to blend in your elements into a home. While most rental agreements limit the changes the tenant can make to the property, furniture is your best way to make space feel home.

Classic bookshelves, storage cabinets, side tables, quirky chairs add a vibrant charm to the home. Similarly, furniture sets in the dining area, bedroom are investments that stay with you even if you move homes. So, make the best use of this. Add in all the elements that define you and your dream home and see space come alive.

Get the best of furnishings

Adding in different fabrics and furnishings is an easy way to make space feel like your own. Bright colored fabrics in different textures instantly add personality to the room. Bring in cushions and rugs in the living spaces. Nowadays, big statement rugs are available in different colors and designs. If the look is minimalistic, go in for a monochrome color with little pattern. And if bohemian is your décor statement get bold with colors and patterns for an on-trend bohemian feel.

Cover your furniture with cozy throws or loose covers.

Choose your curtains wisely

For an airy yet comforting space, opt for light-colored cotton curtains. They allow natural light and give the space a breezy, summery vibe. Bright curtains add warmth and will instantly make the rooms feel like they belong to you.

Bamboo blinds

Most of us love bamboo blinds. They’re reasonable, they soften sunlight without blocking it out, and they can make any room look good.

Look at every nook and corner

Home isn’t only about the living area but includes the kitchen, washrooms and storerooms as well. Liven up the kitchen space with a kitchen peg-board, which will help you organize your supplies and kitchen tools. For the bathroom, incorporate colored towels and attractive toilet paper holder.

These are small things that go a long way in keeping your home clean and organized.

Accessorize right

If you have a favorite color, make it the signature style for a room. As you go about doing up your home, make sure you surround yourself with objects and treasures that tell a story. The best accessories are those that fill our home with memories, gifts from loved ones.

Glass vases, bottles and candle stands are also good ways to accessorize a table or an empty space in a room.

Light it fine

Investing in spectacular signature lamps with fun shades will give your space personality and a welcoming glow. It is a good idea to remove out bad lighting fixtures and replace them with better ones.

Plant it right, plant it well

“Because one can never have too many plants”

Houseplants are an easy way to make your home into a warm, green space. Investing in plants is a great way to add life into an empty space, quite in the literal sense. Pretty flowery plants, succulents not only add greenery and color, but they’re also long-lasting and grow happily indoors as well as outdoors.

Remember, pretty planters add to the look. A decent planter can change the look not just of the plant but the entire room. Planters are available in different varieties such as terracotta, clay, jute, marble and more. The list of options is endless. Choose a chic planter and most definitely, they move with you when you relocate.

Doing up a home can be daunting but the satisfaction in seeing your space come alive is unmatchable. The upshot of any home decor is not just the materials used, it’s the people and the things inside that make a house a home.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with the décor tips and make your house into your home.

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