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A spacious, suitable and comfortable bedroom is what we all need to rejuvenate and relax. Bedrooms are the private rooms of a home that very closely reflect the style, comfort and ease of the homeowner. Nonetheless, utilizing the space well and enhancing the look and feel of the bedroom is quite challenging for designers as well as individuals. Although, making the best use of space while giving the bedroom a lovely feel can be a task there are a lot of ways in which one can create a dream bedroom.

From multifunctional storage spaces, furniture and clever interiors, these amazing tips can transform a compact looking space into something completely different. The ideas are limitless and it just takes a little more thought into designing bedroom spaces.

Storage Deals

You will be surprised at the amount of storage space one can use from an entire wall of the bedroom. Yes, a wall that hosts your storage needs can be made on one side of the room. This floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobe makes the most of every inch of the wall. This multifunctional unit can be used as shelves for books, cupboard for clothes, storage drawer for upholstery and other personal items. This complete wall storage can be done in wood giving a solid, sturdy finish to the wardrobe.

Similarly, beds that come with storage option function well. The headboard can be used to store smaller items, used as a bookcase or a display board. Other heavier stuff can always be stored in the in-built storage of the cot. This gives the room a space free of cluttered wardrobes placed everywhere.

Choosing the right bed

If the wall is used as a storage space, a simple bed works best in maximizing space. Larger beds with huge mattresses though cozy can make the room look extremely small.

Color them right

Bring in your favorite colors but be cautious about using too much of color. Too much of color could end up making the room look cozy and smaller. However, having a single wall in red or orange work beautifully for a bedroom. Also, whites are a safe bet when it comes to bedrooms; they bring in warmth and add the look of spaciousness. While all white is a great space enhancer, soft neutrals too bring in a serene, comfortable mood.

Bring in more light

The best way to maximize space in any room is to allow natural light inside. Keep the window large and the blinds can be light or roller type for style, privacy and optimal light control. Having good windows allows ample natural light inside the room giving it an air of spaciousness. Just embrace the natural light

Bay window and Window sill

A quaint yet wonderful way to use the window is the utility of a window sill. A window sill is the ledge that is neatly placed at the base of the window. This ledge can be used to display books, pretty flower pots or one can simply personalize it to suit their aesthetics.

A Bay window on the other hand is a slightly larger space that can double up as a reading space as well as storage for books. With the fresh light from the window, this is an ideal spot to refresh and read.


Mirrors are an excellent way to create an illusion of space. And we can better maximize space by using a mirrored wall. Yes, if done well, the look is contemporary yet classic. Also, one could use a wardrobe that doubles as a mirror on the outside and storage inside. This is surely a great décor piece that is a favorite with most homeowners.

Pretty, multifunctional furniture pieces

Having furniture that maximizes space is a good investment. Beds with storage, bedside tables that are wall mounted and a study table that is foldable is a classic way to enhance the look of a bedroom.

No one likes clutter, especially in a bedroom, which is the space to relax. While declutter happens during the seasonal spring and festival times, having a room that is airy, with built in storage and multifunctional furniture pieces is a delight to anyone.

Another important feature is the usage of round edged furniture. These take up less floor space, for example semi-circle night stands or rounded ottomans are great bedroom accessories that come with storage.

Get creative and make it your space

Bedrooms are most personal spaces and the décor looks best when you add your personality in the details. Expressive fabrics and patterns, natural lighting options, warm furnishings, framed family pictures and art not only maximize space but make you feel most at home.

Remember, decorating a bedroom needn’t be expensive; it just has to be your personal touch, a space that makes you happy.

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