Best Time to Buy Home furniture at affordable prices

If you are thinking of furnishing your new apartment or renovating your old house, it is important that you buy quality furniture and at the same time target the best deals. Here’s how you can cut down on your furniture costs by choosing the right time to buy your furnishings and fittings.

Find good furniture outlets/ website

When you plan for furnishings a prime concern is durability. Most people look at it as a long time investment. This can be achieved by going only with quality products without being compromised by lower prices. The wood used must be of good quality and made by experienced craftsmen. You can assess this by asking the type of wood used, checking the finishing or any signs of wear and having a look at the knobs and drawers.

Know the time of sale

Once you have shortlisted the brands and shops having good furniture, the next step is to know their sale timings. Most furniture and fitting showroom or websites have sales going on around the months of September and February. You should keep an eye for sale around the year like the end of season or monsoon sales.

Home furniture sales are clubbed around big Indian festivals like Diwali or Christmas. There are some discounts exclusively valid on Independence or Republic days. Such offers range from 10% to 30% off on big purchases. You have to have an eye around for such offers and discounts. This will help you save a lot of cash!

Buy in bulk

You can plan on buying your furnishings in sets like a wall unit, dining table, and chairs or study units. You can also plan to get a whole range of outdoor furniture like garden benches, chairs, tables, and cane recliners. Set bark loungers and a coffee table, bed with side tables can also serve a similar purpose. Such combinations and bulk buy-ins can give you a lot of discounts.

Interior designing

You can couple the interior designing and the furnishings. Interior designers tend to give some discounts when you take the fittings and designing as a package deal. These combos will cost you less and save more!

Shipping and assembling of furniture

Look for discounts on shipping! The shipping charges will depend on the weight of your buying. Carefully check if these charges are correctly added up. Do not go for shipping and assembling the furniture items yourselves unless you have the resources and you are a pro at it. It is a bad option for saving money and can be often tedious.

At Anu furnitures you can find various items including furniture for bedrooms, living room and dining room. We have a wide range of shelves, dresser, racks, sofa sets, dining sets, beds, patio furniture options on sale. The starting prices are as low as 2,500 INR.

You can visit Anu furnitures and discover some great deals on home furniture. You can also meet with our interior designing team and find out more about best deals on household furnishings.

Our furnishings are known to assure elegance and comfort. We make our furnishings with the best wood and cane in the market, quality equipment and our excellent team at hand. You can visit our store in Hyderabad, Opposite Telephone Exchange, Chandanagar to check out the latest furniture designs for your office. Get a consultation with an interior designer to avail the latest sales!

You can also visit our website https://anufurnitures.com/. and have a look at our home furniture options.


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