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Imagine walking into a home that welcomes you with classic, yet comfortable furniture and décor. Gorgeous living spaces are a pleasure not just for the guests but the hosts as well!

In the ever-growing list of interior designs and styling, Nawabi style furniture stands out for its unique elements in terms of fabric, design and colors. Well, if you’re someone who is drawn to the vintage style, Nawabi style furniture is something that will appeal to you. Yet, another deciding factor in choosing Nawabi style furniture for your home is a décor that complements the royal, rich furniture style.

Why go Nawabi?

With contemporary, modern and minimalistic becoming so common in every household, Nawabi furniture is surely going to be a magnificent sight. Nawabi furniture offers classic detailing, rich furnishings and color, ornate patterns and textiles such as velvet, silk and brocade that can spruce up any home.

Expertise, skill, and craftsmanship

As the name Nawabi suggests, this distinct style is an epitome of royalty. The craftsmanship involved in making the furniture is detailed and time-consuming.

Nawab style furniture takes inspiration from Persian sensibilities and thus adds the age-old charm along with an easy comfort. Just like the Nawab architecture boasts of a distinct style so does the décor that is often rich with curved designs. Nawabi furniture attracts not just buyers but finds its stately place in most furniture showrooms. Despite the influx of DIY furniture and the likes, the charm and durability of the Nawabi furniture is hard to ignore. Yes, we are all going back to the basics and vintage is a style that can never be replaced.

Does size matter?

With grandeur and Nawabi furniture spoken in the same breath, one question that daunts many consumers is “is it necessary to have a sprawling mansion to host the furniture?” The answer is a loud No.

While the Nawab furniture made their lavish presence in the sprawling mansions of the erstwhile Nawabs, it isn’t difficult to use them today in our homes. With an aesthetically done up living space, Nawabi furniture makes an easy fit. Intricately crafted side tables, beds, chest of drawers, sofas, tables, and decorative racks all made in teak are some of the most beautiful pieces one can find in this style of furniture.

Royal yet comfortable

The most common yet iconic Nawabi sofa is the broad seating, exquisitely done teak arms and brightly tailored upholstery. Does this ring a bell? Most of us must have seen this classic piece in heritage hotels and resorts. And you will agree that this does give a royal look and feel to the environs.

The major factor in influencing buyers for the Nawabi furniture is the fine quality of materials used. Also, the furniture is handcrafted and designed to perfection, with every wood detail, design and fabric selected carefully for comfort and beauty.

Nawabi furniture such as the lounge sofa and cots reflect true royalty. They are considered a classic in the field of interiors and design. Made from high quality teak the work of these pieces of furniture are perfect for relaxing moments.

Go for it!

So, if one has decided to go in for the Nawabi style furniture, make sure you know what colors and fabrics you need to choose. For a smaller home, it is wise to choose cream and beige with delicate textures, prints and dainty furniture. This will add elegance without taking too much space. Unless one is keen on a mix and match, bohemian style, understanding the space is most important when it comes to designing furniture.

For larger homes, bright colors (like red and blue), bold textures and patterns may be used with Nawabi carpets that complete the look. Similarly, bigger cots done with exquisite designs can be used for the bedroom and complemented with vintage mirrors. The classic colonial feel one gets from a Nawabi décor is complete when the rooms are aptly accessorized. Whatever be the size of the home, good accessories add uniqueness and vibrancy to the home.

Vintage wooden boxes with fine work, marble or glass patterns work well with Nawabi style furniture. Play around with brightly colored hookah pots, vases and see space come to life.

Bringing back our classics with a bang!

The trend we see today is all about reviving the classics. And by this, we also revive our craft, our skills and our talented artists who need the recognition on a global platform. The karigars with their skill deliver not just a piece of furniture but a part of their skill that needs to be appreciated, preserved and encouraged for the many generations’ to come.

Nawabi furniture is strong, durable, and an investment that needs good care. Though the furniture is slightly higher in price, given the high-quality materials that are used, the charm they carry for years is something connoisseurs of fine living recognize.

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