Creating Inspiring Living Room Spaces

Whether you call it a living room or a gathering space, living rooms are more than just being livable; they’re a relaxing den for you, your family and friends. A good design can make a living room look great. When you start with the design of the living room, begin with understanding the style along a scale of furnishings and decor. Once this is clear, everything else will fall perfectly into place.

Size doesn’t matter

For most owners of small homes, the question is not limited to making the living room furniture layout work well; it's also about the functionality space can provide while still having room to breathe. A narrow and cramped up living space can be redefined, redone in a way that it adds space and comfort.

How do we do this?

There is no such thing as a living room being too small or too large. If you know how to make your living room space work for you (instead of against you), you can create a wonderful living room irrespective of the size. Many of us are always looking for the creation of perfect gathering spaces in our homes. Let’s explore a few ways wherein we can create a gorgeous living room that offers a sense of happiness and peace.

The furniture it right!

An inspiring gathering space can be created if the living room is fresh and spacious. Having enough space allows the guest to move freely which implies furniture should be aligned along the walls and never block the entrance.

For the living room, one can use neatly designed sectionals. If in neutral tones, sectionals allow space and add freshness to the room. The open seating is perfect for get-togethers, fun, and conversations.

Creating & defining a Focal Point

Creating a living room on a budget or otherwise isn’t a challenge if one can come up with space or furniture piece that is the focal point. The options here are many from an eye-catching gallery wall or vibrant artwork and mirrors to a bold accent wall or wallpaper. Remember, when it comes to decor inspiration, a photo is definitely worth a thousand words.

Accentuating a wall as the focal point is fun. You can play it up with paintings, family portraits and more. Just draw attention to it.

Accentuate the Room’s Best Features

Understand the room’s best features and work around them. If the lighting is greatly brought in lighter colors that enliven the space with the sense of expansiveness. Another pro lighting tip is having many light sources at varying heights. This adds space and also gives the room an interesting look.

Also, get your creativity out with a focus on corner spaces. Accentuate these often ignored spaces with furniture that actually add life and character to space. A console table placed in the corner of a room can be used as a base for a pretty flower vase, table lamp, pictures or even serve as a bookshelf. Anything that can add an element of style and also using up space is a great way to manage smaller spaces.

Lovely wall mirrors, a piece of art does not take space but adds beauty and personality to the living space. Go for it!

One signature piece

Interior designers cannot emphasize more on anything that can add style to a room than a signature piece. They truly believe that every gathering space should have at least one statement piece.

For example, placing a cocktail table in the living room (corner, preferably) saves floor space, utilizes space better, and most significantly serves the function of a common area for guests to place their drinks and for hosts to display their favorite accessories. A generous cocktail table (decorated, but not over decorated) along with a cozy sitting arrangement provides a focal point to the room.

A great way to maximize the space of a living room is selecting furniture that is multi-functional.

Another way to incorporate furniture piece is having a pair of ottomans and two accent chairs that can be easily moved around allowing customizing of the space as the guests and activities. Simple and useful!


For any living room, every piece of furniture matters. Particularly for smaller rooms, leaner tables and wall brackets or fittings save the much-needed floor space. Consider wall-mounted shelves and built-in bookshelves or desks that are preferred over bulky bookcases and workstations.

Another pro-tip is to use functional pieces so that the furniture doesn’t cramp the space and also gives you the feeling of being in a jumble. A console table is always a favorite with most designers and homeowners. Besides being the best place to stash another bit of seating, a console can serve as a desk without looking like one. The best way to use this is stacking it with books, keys and a lamp during the day and the ottoman that is snuck beneath it. And by the night get that ottoman out and have your drink or read a book comfortable at the space.

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