At the heart of every home is the living room…a place to relax, unwind, and spend time with your friends and family. Which is why you need to create a picture-perfect living room design that works just for you! Getting the look just right isn’t an easy task…you need to combine comfort with style.
Every pick from the wall colour to the sofa and from the centre table to the accessories needs to be carefully planned. In this article, we’ll talk about some great living room ideas and how to design your picture-perfect living room…

Paint Colours

While grey is still the safest choice where paint colours are concerned, designers are experimenting with other “moody” colours, such as violet, navy, and emerald green. Also, multiple shades on different walls are definitely in. You can even use clashing shades of colour and then match them with the right accessories. You should not be intimidated by bolder and darker colours in your living room, because a vibrant wall can add life to a small living room.


Velvet and other Sofas

You can try out velvet sofas as part of your living room furniture. This is a luxurious fabric that is warm, especially in your living room. When it comes to velvet, you want to touch and feel it and sink into its softness. You can also try out sofas in other fabrics, as well as leather sofas. However, for all sofas, vibrant colours, such as orange and purple are in.


Compact living rooms

With the average home across the world becoming smaller, modular and multi-functional furniture is all the rage. This furniture lets your living room evolve and change, so you can add to this furniture and move it around to adjust to your changing needs. You can also use a sofa-cum-bed or a storage unit in your living room to add to your space.

TV Units

These have made a glorious comeback, thereby freeing up the living room walls for bolder colours and vibrant artwork. TV units are great from a practical point of view, as opposed to wall-mounted TV units, which are not practical, but great from a space-saving point of view.

Indoor Plants

You should use indoor plants in your living room design to spice up your space. You can use small cacti, hanging foliage, and large potted plants. You can use these as accessories both abundantly, as well as with a minimalistic touch, thereby transforming any living room.


Statement carpets have become the key feature for living room floors. With wooden flooring taking centre-stage in living rooms across homes, carpets have also regained popularity. While tartan and stripes are the most common designs, other types of bespoke carpets are becoming increasingly popular.

Corner sofas and chairs

While velvet sofas maybe in, a corner sofa design as part of your living room furniture is still very popular. Many of these corner sofas double up as a sofa-cum-bed, with ample storage space. You should use durable furniture when it comes to your living room design, such as an easy-clean chair or sofa.

You can try out different living room furniture designs according to the size and shape of your living room. It is important that you choose the right furniture for your living room design. At Anu Furniture, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of furniture with a multitude of different designs and materials.
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