A perfect dining table goes a long way in helping families eat together for at least two or three of their main meals. So, whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner together, do pick the right dining table to ensure that it’s more than just a meal…
Choosing the right dining table can be a complicated affair. The options are endless and it’s even more difficult if you walk into a store uninformed. If you do so, you’re likely to bring home a dining table that is a complete misfit. In this article, we’ll talk about how to choose that perfect dining table…

Choose a dining table with the right shape

The shape of your dining table matters a great deal. Circular dining tables are great for intimate family conversations, whereas square and rectangular dining tables will line up neatly with other furniture and can be pushed against the wall if you need space for a party, for example.

Choose a dining table of the right size

Get the right size of dining table, depending on the space you have. For example, a square table, measuring 90 cm x 90 cm, or a circular table with a 90 cm diameter, can seat four people snugly. For six people, a rectangular 150 cm x 90 cm table or a circular 130 cm diameter design will work well. For eight people, a dining table of 200 cm x 100 cm or a table with a diameter of 150 cm will be perfect. If you have a space constraint, consider a folding table.

Ensure that your personal style shows through:

Don’t be tempted to buy sets of furniture all at once. Buy furniture that reflects your personal style, whatever that might be. Take into consideration the size of your new home so that you can buy furniture that fits in well and goes with the other furniture pieces.

Choose a dining table you can use for many purposes

If you plan to use your dining table for multiple purposes, such as eating as well as working, you need a table with a practical, hardwearing surface. For example, a design with a top that can be painted or re-oiled, would be better than one with a lacquered surface.

Choose a dining table based on your audience

You should have a clear idea as to who is going to use the table and how often. You should also consider whether your dining table is going to be used outdoors, especially during the holiday season, or when you have visitors. If so, pick a dining table that is light, movable, and made of a durable material. If your table is going to only be stationed in your dining room, you can choose something a bit more formal, sturdy, and timeless in its appeal.

Choose a dining table along with its chairs

Many people think of chairs after they buy the dining table. This may turn out to be a costly mistake. You should try out the table along with the chairs you fancy before buying it. Think of it as one big and coherent combination, with your table as the central piece. The worst thing you can do is bring home dining table chairs that don’t go well with your table.

Choose a dining table without overcrowding it

Your table manufacturer should recommend the number of people that can comfortably sit at the table without rubbing elbows. Each person should have about 60 cm of eating space. You should also be able to fit in a couple of extra seats for one of those large gatherings or parties.

Choose a dining table of the right material and style

You should choose that perfect dining table depending on the design of your home. For example, a hardwood table will not only age beautifully but will also stand the test of time. Both marble and concrete dining tables work well with contemporary spaces. Glass is a great option for small spaces, but you should be careful if you have children.

These are just of the many options you have when choosing that perfect dining table. Do your homework before you decide to buy one for your home, as a perfect dining table goes a long way in completing your home décor the right way.

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