Here’s How to Furnish Your Home for the Very First Time

Furnishing your first home

If you’ve recently moved into your first home or bought your first home, hearty congratulations on this life milestone! And if the relationship is also met with the question ‘how to fill up space with furniture?’ then this post is definitely for you.

The furniture purchase expedition can be fun if you follow some smart shopping basics. Primary to any home shopping is clearly noting down what your priorities are. For instance, are you looking at comfort in the long run? Or are you just looking at a temporary setup good enough for a while?

Whatever be the reason do the following:

Write down the requirements on paper. List it all.

Choose a theme if possible. Would you like the décor to be casual, minimalistic, modern, vintage or rustic? Work out the furniture accordingly.

Make a list of the colors, textures, and patterns that you’d like to see in your home

You could zero in a classic look or go bold with contrasting themes.

If you don't know what you'll need, read our list of top picks for a rookie furniture buyer

Good night, sweet dreams

We spend close to eight hours every day in bed, so choose your bed wisely. A proper night rest is extremely important and having the right sized bed with the apt firmness and surface is an important furniture buy. A bed lasts for at least 12 years and making this a long term buy or investment is a good idea.

Whether you opt for Teakwood, Sheesham wood or wrought iron cots ensure your buy is made of good quality. Similarly, while choosing the mattress opt for a firm and durable one.

Table manners

The place you eat is yet another important part of the home. This is where the family gets together for a meal and friends are entertained. Choose the table shape and the seating capacity depending upon the space available and utility. A larger space can allow rectangular six or eight seating table while a smaller apartment can be furnished with round tables or square ones with a four seating capacity. Dining chairs made in wood with a cushion base add beauty and comfort.

A slipcover in different bold colors over an upholstered chair is a great idea to change the look whenever need be. Armchairs are comfortable and can be moved whenever you need extra seating.

Sofa so good

Sofas come in many shapes, styles, fabrics, and costs. Sofas are surely the most important upholstered piece. Sectionals, cane furniture is simple buys that are easy on the pocket and take less floor space.

However, if one has the luxury of a bigger space, a solid wood furniture set or a comfortable lounge set works well. In the same note, choose the fabrics and textures keeping in mind factors like space, décor theme and colors used.

Chest of drawers and side tables

These multifunctional pieces of furniture come in handy when you’ve just moved homes. A great storage option, the chest of drawers adds appeal and versatility whether placed in the living room, dining space or bedroom.

Pretty side tables are interesting buys that can be moved around the room, used for multi purposes. Use it as a coffee table, magazine stands or simply as part of the décor.

Lights, lamps, and action

Warm lights add elegance and beauty to any home. Irrespective of the size of the home, warm lights are great décor ideas. Overhead lighting in warm colors, LED bulbs, decorative lighting is many options to choose from. One has many options when it comes to lamps, floor lamps, wall mounted and table lamps. Each of them brings an unmatchable charm.

Guest room

When you are setting up furniture, keep in mind an extra space that could be used as a guest room. If one doesn’t have extra space, ensure the living room can be doubled up like a sleeping space for a guest if need be.

An extra mattress, a sofa cum bed option, and extra cushions are good buys that come in handy.

Evaluate your existing furniture

Have a good look at your existing furniture and see how well it can fit into the new décor theme. Old is undeniably gold; with a little repair, color and retouch, bring back the classic with a new charm. See how they transform any space adding the vintage look beautifully with the new décor.

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration when it comes to home décor. But you have to acknowledge it isn’t really a believable option. To get more real, evaluate each item you’d need, every fabric, colors, and furniture that is going to be a part of the home. It is all about getting to the details.

For instance, if the lifestyle is more on-the-go it is prudent to choose easy furniture without the fuss. Or if you have a large family, with pets opt for easy maintenance fabrics and furniture. You wouldn’t want your expensive cushions ruined by naughty pets. Would you?

Most importantly, decide what’s is most important for you

There is no need to rush and set up space. Take time, look for the best value and buy pieces leisurely. Take your time before you make a purchase. Remember, it’s your home.

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