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Anu Furniture is one of the largest furniture stores in India with the widest range of modern, contemporary, and traditional furniture. We have the best dining tables in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

We offer dining tables in different designs, styles, and sizes to perfectly suit your needs. At Anu Furniture you can discover a 6 seater dining table at an affordable price and even with different wood/glass/metal finishes to match your decor.

A wide range of sizes to choose and Personalized design services
Get custom-made designs for your home by our experts at Anu Furniture – just send us pictures of your home and we’ll help you design a personalized space! Anu Furniture is the best place to find premium quality dining tables in Bangalore. We provide the best service at all times.

We have a wide variety of products to suit every room in your home, from bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. You can find everything you need to furnish your home at Anu Furniture.

We are committed to providing you with furniture made from high-quality materials that will last for years and maintain their good looks. We keep new designs coming in all the time so that you have plenty of options to choose from.

We offer a wide range of dining tables for all your needs. Get started with our price list and explore our gallery of available designs!

Ready to make the perfect dining table?
With an extensive range of dining tables and designs, you’ll find the perfect one for your home. Explore our website to see all the options we have in store! You’ll be spoilt for choice with so many different designs available. Browse our gallery and find the perfect one and create a distinctive space that’s uniquely yours!
It’s so simple to locate what you’re searching for right here!! Just click on your desired design, choose the size, whether it would be better in wood or glass and then choose from a wide range of prices.

Buy 4 Seater Dining Table For More Enjoyable Family Dinner
Anu Furniture offers distinctive collections of 4 seater dining tables and chairs to meet any requirement. We present a wide range of possibilities in the dining table set 4 seater category to ensure that you get the ideal dining table 4 seater design for your house.

A gorgeous dining room table and chairs do not require any adornment, but a beveled edge might be attractive. Browse our decorative accessories to find trendy vases, and other items that are ideal for providing a focal point in the center of your dining room table. Browse now and buy a 4 seater glass top dining table at a reasonable price.

Buy 6 Seater Dining Table And Embellish Your Dining Room
Enjoy a meal at one of our six-person tables with the most comfortable chairs in the house! There is no doubt that one of our six seater dining table sets will be the right fit for your home. We offer traditional, contemporary, and modern styles to suit every need. After a long day, a luxurious and trendy dining table set 6 seater provides everyone a homey feeling. Furthermore, the wooden dining table 6 seater furniture item gives guests a very pleasant appearance and allows you to be an excellent host.

To complement your dining room, Anu Furniture’s professionals strive to offer you the best quality and selection of solid wood dining table sets 6 seaters online. Why late? Browse now and buy the best 6 seater glass top dining table at an affordable price and embellish your dining room.

Glass Dining Table
Alluring glass dining tables not only fit perfectly, but also provide light and space to your dining area. Anu Furniture’s round, square, and rectangular glass top tables come in modern and contemporary styles. A glass-top dining table will provide a modern and elegant touch to your dining space. The transparency of the glass creates the illusion of vastness and enhances a room by reflecting light off its surface. Furthermore, glass-top dining tables require little grooming.

With Anu Furniture, now you can buy the finest glass designing table at a very affordable price and now with your glass dining table you can have that dash of luxury that you might be looking for. Why late? Just browse!!

Wooden Dining Table
Wooden dining tables are dynamic elements that may be updated throughout time by replacing your dining chairs, or you can buy a style that complements your segment and contains design choices. Discover lovely wooden dining tables in a range of designs, from round to rectangular. Our online and in-store selections of timber and wood appearance tables are suited to a variety of interior design styles. Take a moment to think about the interior design style you would like for your room.

You may complement your fashionable dining motif with an intriguing outdoor dining table and chairs. Purchase any sort of dining table, from a two-seater to an eight-seater, made of glass or wood. Anu Furniture allows you to confidently select your dining table based on your needs. Why wait? Buy dining tables at a reasonable cost and get free delivery and stress-free returns on every transaction.


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