The makeover of a nutshell building to a customized office space

Many times, it may so happen that you are not happy with the way your office looks or you may find its decor old-fashioned. An up-to-date and comfortable office not only creates a positive work environment but also helps in improving the productivity of your employees.

Here are a few ways in which you can redesign and upgrade your workstation:

A perfect reception

An elegant reception area will make an excellent first impression. You can choose a long and sleek desk which will give a spacious look to your lobby. To maintain minimum clutter on the desk, select tables with built-in storage drawers. For the visitor, seating goes for visitor sofas or simply chairs for this purpose. A side table will help serve water or beverages for the visitors.

More open spaces

The twenty-first century marks an era where open spaces are more in. It is time to shift from the cubicle makeup to open areas. You can set up work tables having lesser walls and partitions between them. You can plan open furniture designs which will give a more spacious look to your place.

Know your team

It is important to be aware of your employees’ age and work profiles in order to design a perfect work environment for them. If most of your staff is above the age of 40 years and has work requiring sitting, then, ensure there are enough tables having flexible chairs with adequate back-rest. For younger employees, you can design a working desk having low set stools or cushion sofas as seating.

Standing Desks

A “standing desk” is another idea that can be implemented in order to kill the fatigue from long hours of sitting. A change in position will help by reducing the strain on body muscles and also freshen up the mind.

Relaxation zones

Designing zones having couches, bean bags and tables with Indian seating can be used for relaxation or having a conversation on the phone. Such a zone can also be used for office meetings rather than a typical corporate board\room. This makes the office routine more flexible and comfortable for the office team.

Attractive Dining space

Many times the age-old dingy lunchrooms may not serve the purpose of relaxing well. You can think of intentionally designing lunch rooms having a family-style dining table or attractive, cozy coffee tables or giving it a cafe-like look with high stools and a counter. This help employees socialize better and create a healthy work environment.

Add outdoor areas

Balcony or open spaces can be furnished with tables and couches to utilize them for small meetings or interviews. A terrace can also be decked up and used for a similar purpose. Natural light and air soften the mood and create a positive vibe. Movable light-weight furniture can be used in summers to create a micro-office in an outdoor space.

Biophilic design

Green can be the new grey! Most often the color chosen for office walls is grey or white. Research suggests that looking at the green color of leaves is healthy for eyes and refreshes the mind. Incorporating elements from nature like plants, creepers, and biophilic walls. This can help increase focus and improve cognitive function.

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