Traditional or Modern Furniture- your home, your choice

One of the first decisions we make while choosing home furniture is whether to opt for a traditional or a modern one. While both are exceptionally good and popular styles, making the choice is more personal and one has to adhere to the décor sensibilities, architecture and the complete look of the home.

So, when it comes to making a decision, is it a tough call? Well, let's figure that out together! Let’s have a peek into the two styles

Getting back to the basics

Traditional furniture

Traditional furniture is designed taking inspiration from the past. For many loyal fans of the traditional furniture, it isn’t just a piece of furniture; it is a celebration of history, royalty, and class. Traditional furniture is often designed in styles that are more elaborate with a vintage, signature look. Furniture designs in solid wood, royal fabrics, motifs, and elegant tables are what make up a traditional look. Typically, a home that has the luxury of space and décor sensibilities that lean towards traditional is what completes the traditional look. A few notable traditional furniture pieces include the wooden carved legs in the back of chairs or table legs, arched backs, rolled arms and noticeable motifs.

Traditional furniture takes us back to the 19th-century style, complete with the fabrics used, the curve and carvings that resonate beautifully with the magnificent past.

Modern furniture, on the other hand, is inspired by not just the present, but the future as well. This furniture is fascinating to many as there are many elements that come into play in terms of materials, shapes, functionality and more. Modern furniture is associated with chic furniture, softer designs, and subtle yet solid patterns and materials. Modern furniture fits in with most homes irrespective of the space available.

Designing a modern set of furniture requires a great amount of futuristic thinking, experimental patterns, and the creative zest to look into the future for upcoming trends and styles. Furniture designers freely experiment with diverse materials, shapes and functions adding the element of fun along with practicality. Keeping in mind the totality of the design, modern furniture looks elegant and is most preferred in terms of functionality, utility, and maintenance. Modern furniture is simple in its design but can be exceptionally stunning with the use of solid colors fabrics, sleek designs and geometric patterns.

Making the right choice!

Traditional furniture that is dark and heavy looks great in huge homes, offices, and places that have historic significance. The visual appeal that the traditional designs offer is inimitable. Traditional pieces look great when the décor is complemented with antiques and paintings that represent a bygone era. Of course, designing a home is an entire process and this includes keeping in mind the personalities of the people living there.

Traditional designs exude a warm and welcoming vibe coupled with luxury and elegance. Like most would agree, traditional furniture is always trending and can never go out of style.

Got a smaller space and yet you are a loyalist to traditional furniture?

Well, the idea is to get one or two signature pieces and enhance the look of the space. Avoid too much of clutter in such a scenario. Keep it basic and pull off the look successfully.

Modern furniture represents the urban aesthetics that speak of simpler furniture, multi-utility pieces, and chic décor reflects perfectly what is popular at the moment. Modern design can be edgy, eclectic or boho for the simple reason that the style is ever changing and takes inspiration from many styles of the past and the future. This seamless integration is what marks modern furniture. They stand out for their simplistic design elements that fit in any space.

Traditional vs. modern- Stark contrasts but stars in their respective space!

Traditional furniture and contemporary furniture belong to distinct interior design categories. Traditional furniture offers timeless elegance and charm. Contemporary furniture is understated and chic in its appeal. Both the styles are unique in their own way and in the design since they are completely in contrast.

Choosing furniture isn’t quite a challenge. It is in understanding the aesthetics, functionality, and style that actually matters. To be honest, both modern and traditional furniture look great and the choice must be made keeping in mind which compliments your home’s overall style.

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