Know all about the wood used in making furniture

Wood has been an eternal favorite of many when it comes to making furniture for homes. Despite the intermittent trends of wrought iron, plastic, marble and stone, the natural beauty and lastingness of wood furniture wins hands down. Remember the easy comfortable chair of your grandfather that still sits strong in the portico even after all these years. Or the chest of drawers that your great grandmother used and it now occupies a proud place in your living space. That’s what good, sturdy furniture can do for you; it can make the most mundane home turn into a vibrant story, only if cared well.

Another reason why wood is most popular and sought-after material for making furniture is because of its easy availability and ease of use in terms of design and utility.

Popular lifestyle trends and a growing demand for impeccable interior design has seen a great shift in how consumers invest in furniture. The Indian furniture market has specifically grown and consumers look for quality coupled with durability and affordability when it comes to choosing their wood.

Let us have a look at the different types of wood used in making furniture and their distinctive qualities.


Teak remains a popular choice amongst interior designers and home owners with the advantages having evolved from durability and sturdiness to being considered a style icon. Simply put teak is timeless, durable, and always in vogue. Teak is famously used in fine furniture, window and door frames as it hard and resistant to cracking and decay. Teak has an extremely high level of oil making it resistant to water and fungi. The excellent quality and finish that teak offers makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture like wardrobes, benches, dining sets and beds. Teak furniture has the wonderful ability to look charismatic in traditional as well as contemporary designs.

However, with the price of teak always on the rise many consumers look for cheaper yet durable alternatives.

Mango wood

Mango wood is yet another durable, water resistant wood known for its easy weight. Some of the highlights of mango wood is that it is flexible, easy to move, available in different cuts and patterns; hence a popular choice for dining and living room furniture.

Since the wood is taken from the sapwood of the mango tree, it has to be well treated before making the furniture.

Indian rosewood or Sheesham wood

Sheesham wood is a type of rosewood used for making furniture, mainly cabinets as it is hard and firm. Sheesham wood is sturdy, looks elegant and is gaining popularity in the Indian market because of its affordability and durability. Sheesham wood is considered a great option for living room, bed and dining furniture as they look attractive and are highly resistant to termites. Sheesham wood is also a popular choice when it comes to Coffee tables, study, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets and even flooring.

Sheesham wood is commonly referred to as the Queen of wood while Teak is called the King. Both are known for their remarkable looks and durability with the only differentiating feature being the pricing.


Oakwood is sought after for wooden desks as it has a decent finish, is durable with good resistance to wear and tear. Oak furniture is also recommended by interior designers as they are moisture resistant making them an apt choice for living and dining furniture.

Walnut Oak

Walnut Oak is easily bendable making it the good choice for bookshelves and cabinets. It is highly resistant to water, durable and is mostly used in making coffee tables, dining sets. Walnut Oak is popular for its solid look and finish. The wood is extremely easy to work with and traditional intricate designs crafted on the furniture add charm to the living and dining sets.

Rubber wood

A very versatile yet reasonably priced wood, Rubber wood is used as an imitation of teak, oak and rosewood. It is a high density wood that is easily available and a reliable option for fixtures.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is known for its fine polish and durability under water. Mostly used in making cabinets and pattern furniture, Mahogany is easy to work with.

Satin wood

For a vintage décor, satin wood is an option that experts suggest. Satin wood is again a highly polished wood, durable with a classy look to it. Mainly used in making decorative furniture and items, they are high on maintenance but long lasting.

Bamboo Wood

This is string, durable, flexible and mostly used in cane furniture. They can be sturdy or light weight, affordable and present an earthy feel to the decor.

Maple wood is yet another wood used in making tables, shelves and consoles. Yes, they are extremely reliable, sturdy hardwood known for their strength.

Cherry wood is easy to work with, highly durable, strong and warp-resistant. Mainly used for ornamental carving, cherry wood is also used for making tables and shelves.

Engineered wood

While the aforementioned materials are resourced from naturally available trees, engineered wood are made by binding fibers, wood, sheets and other material.


Modern plywood panels are the most sought after engineered wood that are highly resistant to heat and pressure. They are used extensively as they are resistant to cracking, contraction and twisting. Plywood is strong, highly flexible and preferred by carpenters as they are easy to work with and reasonably priced.

Touchwood! Wood is a timeless possession

While choosing furniture for your home or workspace can be a daunting experience with the limitless choices available, it is prudent to see what best fits our requirement and budget. Despite the technological advancements and the many options of engineered wood, wooden furniture is usually preferred as they last for generations.

Taking good care of the furniture with regular polish/wax, keeping them away from harsh temperatures enhance and increase their life and add value to your living space.

Today with the extravagant choice one has in furniture and the details, it is imperative to pause and research before one makes a decision.

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