Understanding the best and most popular furniture designs

In this era of tagging everything and anything around us, let us not forget furniture styles that have long been tagged into various categories. Depending on how they look, the kind of furnishings used and the intricate detailing, furniture styles are many and varied.

Modern, minimalistic, distressed, industrial, shabby chic, bohemian, classic, contemporary, the whew….the list goes on. Despite the trend of tagging products, classifying them and awareness of the styles, many are caught unawares when they have to make furniture or decor choice that blends with their personality. With a plethora of unique design styles, it can be overwhelming to understand the different styles.

A great way to start is to learn about each of the styles, the decor essence and how they differ from one another. Listed below are some popular interior designs and furniture trends that are time-tested.


Busy lifestyles call for furniture pieces and decor that easy to maintain yet elegant. At the heart of the minimalist design is an emphasis on functionality that is having few elements that are essential yet eye-catching. Subtlety is the key here. While the emphasis is always on essentials the balance is achieved when there is an aesthetic appeal too. Also, understand that minimalism isn’t about lack of design; it is about a simple design presented well.

Essentials of a minimalistic decor

Quality is bigger than quantity

Minimalistic furniture rings in greater advantages when made with high-quality materials. Having a few quality pieces adds the touch of class and luxury to the decor. On the other hand, substandard quality deteriorates the look of the room, ruining the essence of minimalistic principles.

Space them out

The minimalist decor is most popular with the working lot as the furnishings are simply defined by functionality and accessibility. Space appears bigger and this suits best for most homes where one wants to use an illusion of space with lighter color palettes and simple designs.


As the name suggests, contemporary refers to as now, the styles of today. These could run out of fashion tomorrow or replace with something else. Similar to the minimalist decor, there is a sense of openness with furniture mostly in reflective glass and metal. Given its very urban look and feel, contemporary furniture is also a favorite amongst the working class.

Though modest in appearance sans the frills and fancy of a vintage decor, contemporary furniture is light in appearance, style, and color. Also available in solid colors and fabrics, this furniture is sleek and fluid, almost exuding the on-the-go vibe.


Traditional as the name suggests are classic style with elaborate furnishings and completed with rich accessories. Traditional decor is deeply influenced by European sensibilities and most of them reflect the style of the Europeans. The wood used is solid and in dark colors, the fabrics are rich having intricate pattern giving the decor a vintage European feel.

Antique furnishing, formal furniture pieces that speak of time and tested style and decor that balances class with warmth. These are typically characteristic of a traditional decor. While the look is predictable there is a reason why traditional has been in fashion for eons. The order, classic cuts, and patterns make this extremely appealing.

Comfort with class

Typically, traditional furniture is comfortable, cozy and rich. To avoid a very dramatic appearance the use of neutral colors and simpler patterns are suggested.


Wondering what bohemian is doing in this list? Well, bohemian is yet another popular style that reflects a cheery, young, free decor. It’s eclectic, artistic and emanates vibes of the free spirit. Something that is most often associated with pop stars and the pop culture. Often, the bohemian style reflects the style of the individual. From unconventional decor to vibrant colors, these are truly the most personal reflection of the person.

A bohemian home is a limitless canvas for color, vibrant decor, unique accessories and much more. It reflects the fun elements coupled with the sensibilities of a creative person.

There is a unique, distinct style of individuality in the paintings, rugs that surpass any rulebook of decor do’s and don’ts.

While the interiors feel full of life and almost chaotic, there is a personal touch that reflects in the walls, paintings, pictures. To blend in comfort in this chaos, soft lighting is mostly used.


Rustic homes are a great mix of chaos and sophistication. With a strong influence of the mid-century designs, they have gained immense popularity in recent times. They are characterized by teakwood, warm hues and a whole lot of furniture that is distinctly gorgeous. Rustic decor is similar to a country home with woods that are dark walnut and textured grainy feel.

The rustic trend has a warm and natural feel to it, whether the element used is wood or stone.

Think of a quaint cottage in the countryside and rustic décor is all of that.

So, tell us: What’s your preferred style? Traditional or rustic?

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