You’ve finally bought and moved into your first home. It’s a dream come true and you’re happy and excited. However, it simply isn’t enough to just buy your home. You need to furnish and decorate it as well. And suddenly,you try to figure out…what kind of furniture should you buy? How can you furnish your first home in a style that is typically you? And this is just the beginning… There are so many furnishing choices out there that it can be rather confusing when you set out to furnish your first home. Which is why in this article, we’ll talk about what to look for when furnishing your first home…

Get rid of old furniture that no longer works:


A nice comfortable bed will give your child a good night’s sleep. Your child’s/ children’s’ age will tell you the type of bed you require. You can go for a simple bed, bunk bed. For a girls’ room, you can go for a canopy bed with light coloured curtains around. For boys, you can remodel a simple bed into a car themed bed or a house themed bunk bed. If your child is a toddler you can also have a rocking chair to sing them their favourite lullaby.

Start with bedroom furniture:

Your bedroom is where you’ll spending a lot of your time, so it’s a good idea to start furnishing your home beginning with your bedroom. This is especially so, if you are on a tight budget. If you’re an early riser, you should decorate your bedroom with a lighter palette of colours. If you are a night owl, use deeper tones and substantial coverings that block out the light. Buy that bed you’ve always dreamed of and then buy other bedroom furniture such as a dresser, wardrobe, bedside table, and bedding to complement the bed design. Choose furniture carefully, as your bedroom furniture should mirror your personality and stay with you for many years..

Do not buy all your furniture at once:

Take your time in buying furniture pieces. You can buy centrepieces of furniture and then work the rest of the room around it. For example, you can buy living room furniture, such as a loveseat and then buy that expensive sofa, that must-have TV unit, and accessories such as carpets and lamps. Do not buy all your furniture at once, but live in your first home for a few weeks to understand what kind of furniture it is that you really need..

Ensure that your personal style shows through:

Don’t be tempted to buy sets of furniture all at once. Buy furniture that reflects your personal style, whatever that might be. Take into consideration the size of your new home so that you can buy furniture that fits in well and goes with the other furniture pieces.

Use colour to tie everything together:

Unify all your furniture pieces with colour. You can do this by choosing one common colour for each room, and make sure that your walls and accessories are that colour. So, if you have a beige sofa, try a vibrant yellow wall, ochre-coloured cushions and a cream and yellow carpet to complete the look. This way, all your furniture pieces complement each other

Solve furniture problems in an inexpensive way:

Don’t splurge unnecessarily but solve your problems in a practical and affordable way. So, if you have drab kitchen cabinets, try freshening them with paint and changing the hardware, instead of replacing them. In the bathroom, for example, changing the lighting can improve the look. You can play around with lighting in all the rooms to improve their appearance.These are just some things to keep in mind when furnishing your first home. This is a very special experience that will never come again, so do make the most of it. At Anu Furniture, we understand how special furnishing and decorating your very first home can be.Our designers and craftsmen will work closely with you to design your dream first home. Our furniture is of the highest quality and is tailor-made for our customers. We offer real value to our customers at the best price.

So, the next time you plan on furnishing your home, get in touch with Anu Furniture and pick from a wide variety of furniture pieces for every room in your home. Here’s to that very special experience of furnishing your very first home! For more information on how you can furnish your first home, as well as for other furniture, contact Anu Furniture at 091-720-730-3033 or at 091-8688003033 or email us at info@anufurnitures.com or You can also visit our website https://anufurnitures.com/

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