Every time a new employee joins an organization, it is like a new family member joining the existing one. Employees sit and work all day, and this, in turn, helps the organization achieve competitive targets. However, in order to retain the employee, it takes more than just a handsome salary package. One of the most important things is to ensure that standard procedures are followed when setting up their workstations. Here are some of the important aspects to look for when you set-up employee workstations:

Workplace with adequate space

The workplace is where employees spend most of their time, and so it is crucial that you provide them with the adequate space. Make sure that the individual has adequate space where he/she can move around comfortably. If space is cramped it will have an impact on the work, and it will also make the employee feel stressed out at times. Making a comfortable and happier work environment starts with adequate space, so plan accordingly.

Appropriate desk position

If the monitor is in an awkward position then it will have a negative effect on their health and work as well. Musculoskeletal Injuries such as neck and back pain, irritation and strain in the eye, headaches, and blurred vision are negative effects of badly placed equipment. The screens need to be positioned at least an arm’s length away so that when in sitting position only their fingertips reach the monitor. If the monitor is any closer then headaches and eye irritations are increased.

Placement of mouse and keyboard

Mouse and keyboard need to be placed according to the natural posture of the body. In order to avoid strain on muscles, the elbows need to be at the sides and should be below the 90-degree angle. You need to invest in appropriate desks that have a keyboard tray which can be pulled out and pushed in as and when needed. Mouse needs to be shoulder distance apart from the keyboard. Provide your employees with the mouse mats with the gel for resting wrists that will add extra comfort when they work.

These are just some of the important points that you need to keep in mind when setting up desks for your employees. However, there are several other points that will help you in providing the best working environment for your employees. Employee workstations setting may vary from one office to another, and also the kind of work that the organization is involved in. Make sure that this important aspect is not neglected so that you can keep your employees comfortable.

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